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Politics of Opportunity with Julia Gillard

Politics of Opportunity with Julia Gillard

August 20, 2021

There’s a difference between getting told “you can do it” and actually getting the mental image of yourself in that place. The mindset required to achieve elite levels of high performance, isn’t for the faint hearted. It was just 10 years ago that Heston took the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard over to Afghanistan and today in a slightly different circumstance - they sit down together again and bring a refreshing conversation of authenticity, nostalgia and opportunity.


This podcast was recorded on Friday August 13th 2021. Two days before the Taliban retook control of Afghanistan and the scenes we have since seen in Kabul. 


They Discuss:

- When Heston met Julia 

- When your purpose isn’t for the faint hearted

- Growing in confidence

- The mindset of the elite

- Sense of self and creating boundaries 

- Dealing with transition in self isolation 

- Focusing on what really matters

- Mental Health

- Authentic Leadership, support networks and key lessons learnt.


Enjoy this episode. 





Time & Space for High Performance: Heston Russell & Sam Asser

Time & Space for High Performance: Heston Russell & Sam Asser

June 4, 2021

Join VOAV team Heston Russell & Sam Asser (on Mumma Russell’s back deck) for a new podcast episode and conversation on creating boundaries - time and space for High Performance.


This episode was inspired by a question sent in from Kimmsy - So thank you for sending in your questions and keep em coming.


In this episode we discuss;


- Ways to stay intrinsically grounded

- Importance of creating time & space in service, outside of service and in the corporate workplace

- Benefits of living in the now

- Setting boundaries and structure 

- Pendulum swing of getting to know your authentic self

- Trauma boxes, especially navigating the Royal Commission

- Mission nesting & leadership


You can also watch along on VOAV YouTube Channel.

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VOAV Highs & Lows with Heston Russell & Sam Asser

VOAV Highs & Lows with Heston Russell & Sam Asser

May 14, 2021

With everything going on in the Veteran community, our team moves fast. The inspiration came on Sunday night to stop, drop and record a podcast on the lounge room floor between event planning and posting pins. 

Sam joins Heston on the episode to have your questions answered and to offer you the latest updates on VOAV.


They discuss:

  • Barriers, Blocks & The Definition of Community
  • Testing the Layers of Resilience for Selection Course
  • Listeners Q&A
  • Exposing the weakness of VOAV
  • What’s been happening this week
  • Where to from here
  • Unlocking True Potential for generations to come
  • Bringing hard topics to the surface
  • The Royal Commission Focus in the Veteran Community

If you have any burning questions, please send us a message so we can bring them to the show.

Please let us know your thoughts and insights from this very real, raw, open conversation - reminding Heston he too is human ;) 

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ANZAC Day Reflections: Heston Russell & Sam Asser

ANZAC Day Reflections: Heston Russell & Sam Asser

May 1, 2021

In this episode Heston is joined by his wing woman and VOAV engine room Sam Asser. They are currently on the road (in a hotel room in Canberra) and decided to discuss the last couple of (chaotic) weeks in VOAV, reflect on ANZAC Day and Sam’s civilian perceptions — Whilst also accidentally diving into a mental fitness session with Heston on identity ruptures and receiving love.

They Unpack:

- VOAV being on the road for the last couple of weeks
- The backlash of letting off some steam
- The struggle & helplessness when everything goes quiet
- Moral Injury & Resentment in our community
- Behind the scenes of Anzac Day
- Community, Identity & Purpose
- Expectation Vs Accountability
- Power of Reflection

We would love to hear your reflections from ANZAC Day & what it brought up for you - let us know & tag us @voice_of_a_veteran

Enjoy the Episode.

Life On The Line with Heston Russell

Life On The Line with Heston Russell

April 23, 2021

This week we are re-sharing an episode from the Life on the Line Podcast. Heston’s episode with Alex has had some incredible feedback that we wanted to share it with the VOAV community as well.

In this episode you get to know Heston, the man behind the media. From where his journey began — the trials, tribulations, achievements and transformations. The times that saw him hit his absolute greatest personally and professionally, and the times that saw him meet his greatest challenges.


They cover ground: 

  • First Impressions
  • The goal to become a commander
  • Service, deployment and transition
  • Expectations and self doubt 
  • Career timelines and the lessons in hindsight
  • Suicide ideation, solving problems & sexuality
  • In the media, purpose & responsibility 

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Thank you to the team at Life on the Line for allowing us to share this episode. 


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Battlefield Book-Club with Dan Keighran VC

Battlefield Book-Club with Dan Keighran VC

April 16, 2021

In this episode Heston chats to Dan about his book Courage on Fire. 

As a self confessed non-reader of books, Heston finished Courage to Fire within 3 days -  butchering it with a highlighter and page folds in the process. Appreciating every ounce of honesty, authenticity and relatability that it offered.

Without giving away all the juicy parts (that you need to go and read for yourself). They dissect some key topics from the book like:

  • Death and facing the unknown
  • From the battlefield to a rooftop pool in vegas - decompression disasters
  • Navigating the loss of a teammate during battle
  • Drawing on the loss of friends as inspiration and purpose to keep going, in the darkest of days after service.
  • The healing powers of the Australian War Memorial
  • The purpose of writing Dan’s book.

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Dan Keighran: The Man Behind the Medal

Dan Keighran: The Man Behind the Medal

April 9, 2021

This episode demonstrates humility, responsibility and the importance of being your authentic self in service and out. Dan Keighran VC is someone leading the way in representing exactly that. The mateship that keeps him grounded alongside his true desire to effect change, Dan talks openly about the ways he maintains and stays true to being just a normal bloke, committed to helping others.


They dive into topics like: 

  • What was the purpose for service and key mentors in his life
  • Being a normal bloke 
  • Influential impacts through change and transition
  • Responsibility & owning all outcomes - good or bad
  • Normalising high standards and performance
  • The need to invest in yourself

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Authenticity Ambush: Andrew Pap

Authenticity Ambush: Andrew Pap

April 2, 2021

An Ambush is a surprise attack on someone and Heston goes in for the kill with this one - Pap gets caught in  the authenticity ambush, but comes out alive - only after the walls close in on him during Heston’s question interrogation rampage.


Safe to say we now know way more than we probably should, about the man, the myth, the fitness legend Andrew Pap.


We know he is a sucker for a block of Kit-Kat, Sleeps on his back, snores after too many drinks and sleeps closest to the door so he gets killed first.


They discuss:

  • Definition of balance 
  • Physical, mental, emotional requirements 
  • Self image and mindset
  • Relevance 
  • Fears
  • If social media crashed tomorrow
  • Shallow swimmers & deep sea divers
  • The depth and substance behind predisposed superficial concepts

Join us again for a Pap pep-up #round2 in this light hearted and insightful authenticity ambush.


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Andrew Pap: Mindset, Perspective, Discipline & Fitness

Andrew Pap: Mindset, Perspective, Discipline & Fitness

March 26, 2021

In this episode Heston sits down with Andrew Pap - Self made warrior of mindset, perspective, discipline and fitness - Founder of Everyday 365.

To Heston’s surprise, physical fitness was just a byproduct to the depth and substance of self and situational awareness that Pap offers the world. Physical fitness is his vehicle to transcend others to lives of service with appreciation of their own unique strengths and weaknesses along the way.

In this episode they discuss;

- Choice and Privilege from a rocky upbringing
- The Veteran Journey
- From couch surfing to business boss
- Taking control of your own narrative
- Navigating the tall poppy syndrome
- Healing after loss and giving back
- Taking responsibility

This episode will inspire you to live life as the best version of yourself - reminding you of the choices and responsibility you have in steering your own life with purpose, depth and service; All the while challenging you to also give-up peeing in the shower - can you handle it?

An episode not to be missed.


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Breathing, Biceps & Self Assessments

Breathing, Biceps & Self Assessments

March 19, 2021

Heston and Scotty are back on the rooftop and this episode is like listening to a conversation between the boys that you aren’t supposed to hear. Heston gets pulled up on making excuses and playing victim to his own mental and physical health game. It is a provoking episode that will help you unlock the reminders you need in your own mental and physical health and inspire you into positive action.

They discuss:

  • Personal self assessments of current mental and physical health.
  • The way fitness and nutrition can actually create anxiety
  • Eating habits & routines
  • Patience in physical and mental health expectations
  • Morning routine of channelling the inner child & being in the moment
  • Finding a true purpose & motivation for physical fitness
  • Transitions from high performance to regular performance
  • Spiralling into victim mode & making excuses
  • Unlocking through conversations

Let us know your biggest takeaway & self assessment reminder.

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Enjoy the Episode 🛡

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